My name is Malte Burup and I am 27 years old. I have a bachelor degree
in art and computer graphics. (CG Artist degree at The Animation Workshop).

I seek to create and express my visions through various types of art and media.
My areas of expertise are matte painting, concept art, 3D modelling
and texturing as well as compositing and directing film.

I am available for hire and always interested in hearing about your project.


I am currently Creative Director on a interactive children's book called "The Moonmachine".

2013: Concept artist at Wired Fly

2012: Concept artist and 3D modeling/texturing artist at Tactile Entertainment and BetaDwarf.

2008-2012: Graduated Bachelor at The Animation Workshop, as CG Artist.

Fall 2011: Worked for four months at Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg as an intern, making backgrounds for the video game Deponia.

2010-2011: Directing the short film "Fangst" at Open Workshop.

March 2010: Creating a video game at DADIU.

2008: Attended the Viborg Media School.

2007: Student at the Drawing Academy.

2006-2007: Student at the European Film College.